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The All Secure Standard Designed for Your Next Event

As one of the most established exhibition stand builders in the UK, the team at GH Display is eager to get back to the exhibition and event circuit. That said, we want to ensure that everything we do going forward is COVID secure, safe and sustainable. We know that every stand builder, exhibitor and visitor must take a COVID secure approach to exhibitions from 1st October 2020, but what does that really mean in practice for your next exhibition or event?

The regulatory organisations representing the various fields within the events and exhibition industry have been working hard together to develop a framework that can be used to deliver safe and COVID secure events. The All Secure Standard is centred around four cornerstones; Social Distancing, Cleaning & Hygiene, Protect & Detect and Communication. Here we have summarised some of the key measures that sit within each of the four categories. The full guidance can be viewed following the All Secure Standard link here

Social Distancing

  • Crowd density control
  • A registration process that uses technology to reduce contact and minimise queuing
  • Staggered admission to ensure entrance to the event is consistent and evenly spaced throughout the event
  • Floor planning to increase the width of aisles and implement directional traffic flow and one way systems
  • Monitoring and control throughout the event

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Enhanced venue cleaning
  • Enhanced contractor cleaning at set up and breakdown
  • Enhanced exhibitor cleaning on their exhibition stand
  • Hand washing and sanitising stations throughout the venue and encouraged on all exhibition stands

Protect & Detect

  • Contact tracing will be enhanced using organiser and exhibitor visitor data
  • Face masks where required
  • Screens where required
  • Enhanced first aid
  • Enhanced emergency response plans


  • Enhanced measures promoted on organisers websites
  • Clear guidance in exhibitor manuals
  • Clear signage throughout the venue
  • Public announcements throughout the event to help remind everyone of the measures in place

The video below has been created by the ACC in Liverpool and is an excellent example of the measures that some of the best venues in the UK are adopting to ensure that exhibitions and events can commence safely. Video courtesy of ACC Liverpool Group Ltd.