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Our range of point of sale displays (POS) will ensure your business branding is promoted effectively. We stock a wide range of product display plinths and modular display systems that can be modified to work with your product range. We can provide freestanding poster displays as well as wall mounted graphic displays and lightboxes to deliver your business messages. We have different options for off the shelf point of sale display stands as well as custom displays to your exact size and specifications. Portable POS displays are designed to be easily transportable to and from your venue, allowing you to showcase your products professionally at exhibitions, road-shows and events.

A2 Counter Mat

Poster Holders & Displays

£24.99 (ex VAT)
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Poster Hangers

Point of Sale

£6.50 (ex VAT)
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Informer A-Board Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

£65.00 (ex VAT)
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A Frame Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

£57.00 (ex VAT)
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What is a Point of Sale Display Stand?

Generally speaking a POS display stand is a freestanding display plinth or other self supporting structure that allows you to professionally display your product range. There are point of sale display stands that are ideal for living permanently in your retail space, showroom or reception area. They can display literature, products, audio visual marketing tools and graphics. There are also point of sale displays that are designed with portability in mind, meaning they are modular in  design, allowing them to be broken down into smaller parts so that they are easy to transport. Many of our POS displays can be custom branded with your logo and artwork and also built to custom sizes.

How does a POS display work?

A point of sale display advertises your product range, service and brand using a wall mounted or freestanding display. You can buy POS displays for events and exhibitions as well as modular displays, lightboxes, banners, flags, literature and tablet stands for use at events or as permanent fixtures in your retail setting, reception areas and showrooms. 

What is a lightbox display?

Display lightboxes are either freestanding or wall mounted. Freestanding lightboxes can have LED illumination on the front, back or even 360º around the lightbox. We create lightbox displays in-house to your exact size and specification requirements. Our lightboxes can be either edgelit or backlit. We even supply lightboxes with clever magnetic attachments to allow display shelves and hooks to be used on the lightbox face.