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We were excited to be commissioned to manufacturer, transport and install COVID Testing Pods at a London University.

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A  highly regarded London Research University approached us about creating and installing COVID Testing pods at their London campus. The COVID testing pods are designed to provide a safe and socially distant facility where mass testing can take place, whilst minimising contact between University staff, medical practitioners and students alike.

After understanding the full extent of the Universities requirements we designed and manufactured 1.5 metre wide by 2 metre deep pods, all standing 2 metres tall. Each pod had three enclosed walls and one fully open entrance wall. The far wall had a clear viewing window and slot for allowing medical staff to pass through COVID testing kits from outside the pod to the student, whilst providing a physical barrier to protect both. The pods were installed in long rows which lent itself well to a one way system. Students entered the hall from one end and left via an exit at the opposite end, again minimising the amount of contact students had with other students and students had with staff and medical practitioners.


The University Works Manager kindly left the GH Display team this feedback.

"On behalf of the University and the students I would like to thank your company for manufacturing and installing of the testing pods in such a short period of time (4 days). We are all happy with the design and the look of the pods I would like to say that your installations staff were polite and professional. It has been a pleasure working with your company and I look forward to working with you in the future".

Are you looking for a professional company who can build and install COVID testing pods and COVID vaccination pods at your University, Hospital or other organisation? GH Display can provide you with a full turnkey service, offering both hire and purchase options. You can browse some of our standards options and prices using the images below or for a comprehensive quote for installation at your venue please complete the form below.