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Social distancing in businesses is a huge priority and essential to getting the UK economy up and running again. In response to this immediate need GH Display is fast developing a range of social distancing and hygiene measures that will help you get your business ready for colleagues and customers alike. At our workshops in Peterborough we are producing protective screens, sanitiser stands, social distancing sign and poster holders, pavement signs and queue management barrier systems. As custom display designers and manufacturers we are well placed to create custom social distancing solutions, as well as supplying large volumes to retailers and hospitality chains. For independent businesses we are creating totally custom social distancing measures that meet their more exact requirements. With our in-house print team we can brand your stands and screens adding important directional messages and information.

Waterbase Pyramid Sign

Outdoor Displays

£45.00 (ex VAT)
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A-Board Plus Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

£79.00 (ex VAT)
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Waterbase A-Board Sign


£39.00 (ex VAT)
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Chrome Post & Base for Rope Barriers

Cafe Barriers & Belt Barriers

£37.00 (ex VAT)
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Table Top Sanitiser Stand

Sanitiser Stands

£129.99 (ex VAT)
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Swinger 2 Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

£55.00 (ex VAT)
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What are social distancing screens?

Our social distancing screens are available as counter, desk and table top screens. In addition, we also manufacturer floor standings screens that can be used to separate tables in restaurants, desks in offices and meeting and seating spaces in any type of business. These protective screens are often made with acrylic panels and aluminium frames. We are getting an increased demand for solid panels as well as clear or frost acrylic. When a solid panel is requested the most popular choice of material is wipeable foamex which can also have a printed graphic on. In office buildings, banks, showrooms and other business types we are seeing a demand for fabric screens where the fabric panel is printed and because it is printed using a dye sublimation technique, the print can be machine washed making it highly practical. For countertop, tabletop and desktop screens we are often asked to supply a simple polished edged acrylic screen. These are simple, easy to move around your business, cost effective and easy to clean.

What type of sanitisers go on a stand?

We have floor standing sanitisers that have been designed for a wall mounted sanitiser dispenser. Some are suitable for non touch sanitiser dispensers and others are for a manual sanitiser dispenser unit. We also have sanitiser stands that work with a bottle sanitiser and come with features such as shelves, waste bins and A4 snap frame poster holders.  

What are the most popular social distancing products?

Social distancing floor standing and wall signs are ideal for communicating to customers. Pavement signs and queue management barriers are all key for directing customers through one way systems and advising on where to stop and wait to maintain the two metre safe distance. Above all, our hand sanitiser stands and sanitising stations are a must have for all type of business big and small.