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1. The right type of buyers all under one roof

With the right exhibition strategy, every show is an opportunity to drastically expand your company’s customer base. Exhibition visitors tend to be motivated, more interested in the products or services available and often poised to buy.

Exhibiting at a trade show gives your sales team an unprecedented level of access to potential customers, all without the resentment and apprehension that usually characterises direct sales. Typical objections disappear as customers are in a buying mood.

2. Develop and strengthen your brand

Coupled with engaging and interactive pre-show digital marketing, your exhibition space is the perfect opportunity to show customers and competitors that your company is serious, reliable, and significant enough to afford its own presence at leading events.

In the normal marketing playing field it’s not always easy for small and medium sized businesses to showcase their products and services alongside the industry leaders. At an exhibition show you have a unique opportunity to position your business, regardless of age and size, next to your industry’s ‘blue chip’ top dogs. This in turn creates a powerful psychological image that can help your company seamlessly move from ‘startup’ to ‘established brand’ in the eyes of your customers.

3. Learn what’s hot and what’s not

An exhibition show is the perfect place to find out what is trending and what’s not. In an increasingly vast online market place it can be easier then ever to work in isolation, not connecting with competitors and customers alike. Exhibition shows are a great opportunity for businesses to unveil hot new products and technology and for you to evaluate customer reactions and interest – face to face.

During any quiet periods at the show your team can use the time to research competitors pricing, products, promotions and sales patter. After a couple of hours on the sales floor, you may be able to harness the best bits from the sales strategies and marketing tactics of your competitors, evaluating what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

4. New customers

It is estimated that only 12% of visitors to an average exhibition stand have been in contact with that company within the last 12 months. Meaning 88% of visitors are new prospects (source Exhibit Surveys Inc). Also, bear in mind point 1 and you could have yourself a huge opportunity to gain new business leads, from motivated buyers with deep pockets.

5. Better return on investment

A good show could keep your sales team busy for months connecting with leads and closing deals. You can reach more potential customers in three days at an exhibition show than your sales team could achieve in three months. According to a study by Exhibit Surveys Inc, the average cost per visitor reached at a trade show is £120, while the average cost of a traditional direct field sales visit is £195.

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