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Portable Lightboxes and Backlit Lightbox Displays

31st January 2018

GH Display are the leading display specialist in Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays

From large hired lightboxes for impressive backlit exhibition stands to portable lightboxes that once collapsed, fit in a wheeled case that can be transported in the boot of a small car. Whatever your requirements, let us advise you on your many options. 

A lightbox display as part of a custom exhibition stand

A lightbox can be an impressive feature on a custom exhibition stand and GH Display can help guide you on the potential uses.

In the Screenworks custom exhibition stand above a 3 metre wide lightbox makes a huge impact.

This impressive custom exhibition stand, which Netsupport revealed at BETT 2018, has two prominent lightboxes both of which join to the interactive backwall.

Retail lightbox displays that demand an audience

In the example below we were asked to create large retail lightboxes that were to be installed in key positions throughout the huge beatty retailers pioneering store. With the highest quality custom printed tension fabric graphics and flawless UK manufacturer aluminium frames the lightboxes were designed to take centre stage at the brand new Charlotte Tilbury store in London’s Westfield’s White City shopping complex.

Portable lightbox displays that are simple and quick to set-up and affordable for all marketing budgets

Portable displays are an essential marketing tool for all types of businesses. Quick and easy to put together, cost effective to purchase and cheap to rebrand with updated graphics for a fresh new display. The major downside of portable displays is that it can be all to easy to turn-up to an event and find out that your exhibition display is almost a carbon copy of the exhibition stand in the booth next door. It can be difficult for the visitors to spot your unique brand among the never ending sea of pop up display stands, custom printed table clothes and pull up banners! How do you stand out from the crowd?

Watch the demo videos below to see how easy it could be to get the exhibitor edge over your neighbours at your next trade show

Backlit Lightbox Display Wall

This tubular framed display wall is a beautifully simple yet effective display stand system. The frame simply push fits together and fabric graphic fits over the built frame, like a sock. The LED curtain is hooked on the top and bottom tubes and it all packs down to fit within the carry bags included.

Prices starting from just £679.00 including cases, graphics and LEDs..

Pop Up Lightbox Displays

This backlit lightbox display requires no tools and can be set-up by a one person team. It works in the same way as traditional pop up stands with its expanding frame. The backlit fabric graphic is seamless and simple slots into an outer channel around the frame. Prices starting from just £1998.00 including wheeled case, LEDs and fabric graphics.

To find out more about the lightbox options from the biggest lightbox specialist in the UK call our Peterborough, Cambridgeshire office on +44 (0)1733 570222 or complete our contact us form.


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