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8 ways we make our exhibition stands sustainable

Whether you opt for a hired solution, a custom built option that is purchased outright or a hybrid choice that is a combination of both, a GH Display exhibition stand will have been designed with refurbishment, reconfiguration and reuse in mind. We don’t stop there though. Our team have been designing and building exhibition stands since 1976 and we have now combined that experience and expertise with sourcing, testing and developing eco-friendly solutions to enable us to manufacturer some of the most sustainable exhibition stand and display solutions available.

    • Our exhibition stands and exhibition graphics are manufactured at our two-acre site in the Cambridgeshire countryside using renewable energy from our own solar panel roof installation.
    • Our exhibition graphics are printed on graphic material made from recycled plastic bottles as well as PVC free, biodegradable and recyclable media choices. Better than that, we do not pass on the cost difference to our customers so there really is no downside to your business.
    • All of our exhibition stand components are built to a high standard allowing for lots of reuse – the truest form of recycling.
    • All the timber we use is sourced locally and FSC certified.
    • All the aluminium we use is sourced locally and is manufactured from 65-70% recycled aluminium. The high quality aluminium has a minimum lifespan of 10 years and after its life as an exhibition has come to an end we ensure it is recycled into aluminium extrusion with a new 10 year lifespan.
    • Components are designed with reconfiguration and refurbishment at the core of their design. This ensures that damaged parts can be easily refurbished with minimum fuss and cost.
    • Water-based powder coating paints provide optimum finish alongside low environmental impact. 90% of the paints we use at GH Display are now water-based.
    • Our event carpeting is cleaned after it is used and recycled into polypropylene pellets that are in turn sold as the main material ingredient in the manufacturer of a huge range of moulded plastic products.

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Biodegradable materials


Recycled & recyclable materials

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PVC free media

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Buy quality, buy once

We ensure that a GH Display manufactured exhibition stand is designed and built to last. Not only that, our stands and custom displays are designed with reconfiguration, refurbishment and reuse at their core. This approach to design and build means that you buy quality stand components from us that can be reused for years to come, reducing our waste disposal as a business, but also that of our business customers.

All of our custom exhibition stand components are design engineered to be both durable, but also easy to renew and refurbish. If an exhibition stand part is damaged, rather than scrap and replace the entire item, we will produce the damaged element only and replace this part.  This approach to design has been a game changer for us in terms of the reduction in our waste and carbon emissions output. Our manufacturing material choices are guided by sustainability. We invest in high quality materials and manufacturing plant to ensure we produce the best in quality. Our large storage facility enables us to store and therefore reuse exhibition stand components.

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GH Display is taking action to becoming a Net Zero business

We are committed to doing everything that we can as a business to reduce our carbon footprint and take care of our planet for the next generation. We are well on our way to the decarbonisation of our business activities and we will continue to make positive change towards our Net Zero action plans. As a responsible organisation we recognise that is our responsibility to make changes that are kind to the environment, even though they may be costly to our business, financially. Our guiding principle around sustainability is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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