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What is a lightbox display?

A lightbox display is essentially a four sided tension frame with the added benefit of LED lighting. The lightbox structure is made from durable aluminium. All four sides of the aluminium frame have a special channel that is used for securing the fabric graphic in place. The fabric graphic is finished with a silicon beading that is stitched around the outside edge of the graphic. The silicon is pushed into the aluminium channel and the precision made fabric graphic is stretched onto the frame for a tension finish. The Led lights are either installed onto the frameworks inside edge or are fitted onto a rigid back panel that is fitted onto the back of the aluminium frame. Most lightboxes are supplied with a transformer that depending on the lightbox size, may sit within the frame or may be external to the frame. We manufacturer lightboxes in any size required. Some lightboxes are best suited to permanent installation and others are designed to be portable lightboxes, perfect for transporting to and from events and suitable for setting-up and taking down again on a regular basis.

Wall mounted backlit lightbox for retail

What types of lightbox displays are there?

GH Display fabricate and supply custom sized lightboxes as well as stocking the largest range of off the shelf lightbox displays. Our wall mounted lightboxes are available for both internal and external use. They can be made to any size and the profile depth can vary from ultra slim wall mounted frames to deep and substantial lightbox profiles. We have floor standing lightboxes popular for retail and events as well as free standing lightboxes that have been designed to be tool-less and modular, making them extremely portable. An LED lightbox is the perfect way to brighten up a space, market your brand and product and illuminate your display. We can create bespoke lightboxes in different shapes and sizes to suit your exact project requirements. Browse our off the shelf lightbox range in our shop or call our friendly team on 01733 570222 to discuss your needs. Alternatively complete our enquiry form below and we will contact you.

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What is a backlit lightbox display?

Backlit lightboxes are generally thought to have a more even spread of light and are less likely to have and dark areas or parts of the lightbox that are more in shadow than others (usually the centre of very large lightboxes). They are rightfully afforded this reputation by virtue of the fact that unlike edglit lightboxes, which have LED lighting modules on either the horizontal or vertical lengths of the lightbox frame only, a backlit lightbox display has LED modules across the entire surface area of a back panel. This ensures light is evenly distributed across your fabric graphic, regardless of the overall size of the lightbox. Because of the construction method of a backlit lightbox it is often the more costly lightbox options because it is usually transported in a fully built unit. This makes the delivery of backlit lightboxes only suitable for a more costly dedicated delivery service.


What is an edgelit lightbox display?

Made from a durable aluminium frame, an edgelit lightbox display has it’s LED lights fitted to the sides of the framework. Depending on the size and orientation of your lightbox, the LED lights may be fitted to the vertical lengths or to the horizontal lengths. A backlit lightbox fabric graphic is then installed on the front of the lightbox and a blockout fabric lightbox graphic is usually installed on the back of the lightbox, with the intention of directing the light out through the front graphic. The exception is where you have a freestanding lightbox with a backlit print on both sides. Edgelit lightbox displays are generally more cost effective to purchase, in part because they can be modular in construction so pack down into smaller sections for transportation. Backlit lightbox in comparison are usually transported in completely built structures, meaning they are often only suitable for a dedicated delivery service.


What is a portable lightbox display?

Simply put, this type of lightbox is designed to be lightweight and easy to assemble, ideally without the need for any tools. We have the UKs largest selection of off the shelf portable lightbox displays. Some of them come with edgelit LEDs and others come with LED curtains, providing a backlit portable lightbox display solution. We also have portable lightbox display towers and portable lightbox display counters, both delivering there LED illumination via LED curtains. Most of our portable lightboxes come with a carry bag or wheeled case, making them easy to transport to and from events and to store in between use.

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Tension frames to transform your space

Our UK extruded aluminium profiles are available in an endless range of sizes and with a choice of profile depth. Our high quality tension frames are completed with full colour printed seamless fabric graphics for an impressive non-illuminated graphic display. From as low a profile as a 15mm deep up to a chunky 40mm deep frame GH Display can provide a broad range aluminium tension frames whether that be for freestanding, wall mounted or ceiling mounted graphic displays.

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What is a tension frame display?

Made from durable aluminium, a tension frame display is a four sided frame that is either wall mounted or floor standing. The print element of the display is a fabric graphic stitched with a silicon beading around the entire edge of the print. The aluminium frame has a narrow channel around the perimeter of the profile and it is in this channel that you fit the silicon beading from your fabric graphic. The fabric graphic is precision made to ensure that you get just enough tension for a snug and taught graphic fit. All of our tension frame displays are manufactured from UK sourced aluminium. The wall mounted frames can normally be fitted directly to the wall by screwing straight through the aluminium frame into the wall. The floor standing tension frames are supplied with steel feet that are fitted to the frame along the bottom aluminium profile. All our frames can be made to any size.


Freestanding tension fabric displays

A freestanding aluminium tension fabric frame is ideal as a floor standing back drop for your showroom, reception or for use at an event. The displays can be created to have a single sided tension fabric graphic or a double sided tension fabric graphic. The frame is secured by heavy flat steel feet to give the stability required for a floor standing display. These frames can be manufactured to a large number of sizes and either supplied as a modular kit or supplied with installation services. Call our friendly team on 01733 570222 for custom size quotes or complete the enquiry form below.


Choose tension fabric graphics for a flawless finish

Providing you with large format graphics that are as sophisticated as they are affordable. Our tension fabric graphics are stitched with a silicon edge allowing them to be easily changed as and when your messaging and marketing needs an update. The fabric graphics are pushed into the tension fabric frame creating a beautifully flat and seamless graphic display. Our tension frames can be wall mounted both indoors and outdoors or supplied with flat steel feet for a totally freestanding single or double sided tension fabric display.


Retail tension fabric displays

The tension fabric displays are particularly well suited to the retail sector. They offer a highly effective marketing display, whilst being easy and quick to update and versatile for installation in many different settings. They are also cost effective and durable compared to other custom printed solutions on offer.

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