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A display to exhibit your brand like never before.


A custom display that will draw a crowd at your next event

Our clever team of designers and craftsman enjoy nothing more than the challenge of taking your brand, products and services and turning them into a captivating display. A custom display can turn an ordinary event space with a simple back wall into an extraordinary exhibition display. Our bespoke displays are designed and built around your products, brand and services, each one tailored to represent your business approach and ethos. We design our custom displays with reuse and refurbishment in mind, making it both easy and cost effective to renew your custom display for each event, ensuring years and years of reuse.


Custom exhibition displays that can be installed permanently or semi-permanently after your event

Our custom displays are often designed and created for a specific event, exhibition or sequence of shows. But that does not need to be the end of the display. We can then refresh and reinstall your custom display as a permanent fixture in your showroom, reception or other business space.

Furthermore, we can also install your custom display as a semi-permanent display and then when your next event date comes around, relocate it on your exhibition stand for use at each show. This reuse of your custom display maximises your return on investment as well as reducing your business’s need to have new custom displays created for your events, thus reducing your carbon footprint as a business.

By commissioning us to design and create a custom display you are not only choosing a cost effective exhibition and showroom solution, you are also choosing an environmentally sensitive option. By combining our stock of hired exhibition walling, counters and furniture with a custom display, you will have a bespoke feel to your tradeshow booth, but without the price tag of a totally custom exhibition stand. Our hired exhibition stand components are recycled and reused for event after event, minimising the amount of waste we create.

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An immersive custom display for your exhibition space

Our displays can be linked to audio-visual, lighting and sound equipment, making the experience as interactive as you desire. We have a track record of transforming our clients exhibition stand space using high-quality bespoke point of sale displays. interactive demonstration displays, bespoke counters, custom models and bespoke illuminate sign displays. Whatever your space, budget and aspirations we will develop a design and manufacture a custom display to suit all of your needs exhibition and event needs.

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