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Hanging banner structures

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Hanging banner structures are designed to be mounted from the ceiling either in an exhibition hall for an event or permanently positioned, for example in a showroom, shopping centre or museum. Our hanging banner structures are available in a massive range of sizes and shapes. We have lots of stock sizes for sale, but can also make hanging banner structures to custom sizes. To get your brand even more attention we also offer backlit LED illuminated hanging structures, called hanging lightboxes. These clever hanging lightbox structures have individual graphic panels on each outward looking face, meaning you can easily replace some or all graphics as and when your marketing message changes. All our hanging structures are supplied with either a carry bag or wheeled case, making transportation to and from events easy, as well as giving you somewhere to store your equipment in between events.

What is a hanging banner structure?

Hanging banner structures are aluminium frames that are covered with a fabric graphic, enabling you to showcase your brand high up in the exhibition hall or other event venue. The framework is installed with fixings that are attached to hanging wires to several points on the structure allowing the display to be lifted and suspended from the ceiling.

Does my event or exhibition allow hanging banner structures?

Most of the larger exhibition venues have high ceiling heights and facilities for lifting and installing hanging banner structures. Whether they are allowed or not at an individual event can depend on the arrangements that the event organiser has with the venue. To know for certain whether your specific event allows hanging banner structures at your exhibition you will need to either check in the exhibitor manual or contact the event organiser. If GH display is installing your exhibition stand for you, our project management team will do these checks on your behalf.

Can my hanging banner structure be printed double sided?

Yes, all of our hanging banner structures can have either a single sided print (with a plain white inside) or a double sided print. You can have the same artwork on both sides or supply a different artwork for each side.

What is a lightbox hanging banner structure?

We have a range of square or rectangular hanging structures that also include an LED feature that sits within the hanging structure providing a backlit illumination to your hanging structure. The LEDs are connected to power usually running the power cable along the hanging wires. The electrical supply to your lightbox hanging structure will need to be booked with your exhibition venue.