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Exhibition and display specialists


Hired exhibition stands

Stretch your budget with a bespoke hired exhibition stand with no restrictions on design creativity and engagement.

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Hybrid exhibition stands

A mixture of custom exhibition stand elements designed for your brand combined with hired walling and flooring. A balance of budget and bespoke.

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Custom exhibition stands

A bespoke exhibition stand is designed and built to be used by your business only. The ultimate in custom design and build.

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Sustainable exhibition stands

We are taking strides to becoming a sustainable business and we now power our Cambridgeshire workshops using our own renewable energy. We have a huge stock of hire exhibition stand components, making the possibilities both endless and affordable. Better than that, exhibition stand hire is the most sustainable way to build an exhibition stand. Every item of hire stock we have created has been built to last. Restoring, repurposing and reusing these components to create bespoke stands, ensures that less waste goes to landfill.

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Modular exhibition stands

We can design and build you an exhibition stand with reconfiguration and reuse in mind, ensuring your ROI for years to come.

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Custom displays

From one-off custom displays to permanent bespoke solutions for your office, reception, retail or showroom space.

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Graphics & branding

With our in-house print team and latest printing technology, we can deliver high quality and flawless graphics, each and every time.

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Retail lightbox displays

Lightboxes & tension frames

We fabricate and supply custom sized lightboxes as well as stocking the largest range of off the shelf lightbox displays.

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Exhibition storage & event logistics

We provide secure exhibition storage facilities and various options to manage your exhibition equipment and event merchandise.

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Retail & point of sale displays

GH Display can design and build high quality and beautifully finished custom displays tailored to your retail products.

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