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Fabric exhibition stands

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GH Display stock the widest range when it comes to fabric exhibition stands and stretch fabric displays. We are the leading UK exhibition stand manufacturer who offer a range of height and width sizes as standard with clever additions and accessories, such as TV hanging kits, joining feet and connecting clamps. This enables you to connect your tension fabric display stands to one another for a more versatile and easy to reconfigure exhibition stand solution. All our fabric exhibition stands can be printed single sided or double sided.

Fabric exhibition stands offer a seamless custom printed solution and are available as individual freestanding tension fabric displays or as a kit of several stretch fabric display stands that can be connected to one another. Custom printed with your branding and available in a broad range of shapes and sizes, a fabric display stand can offer you the ideal marketing solution. You can choose from our broad range of tool-less fabric modular exhibition stands that works perfectly as a portable display stand, supplied with its own carry bag. In addition, you can add optional extras to create a more comprehensive and versatile fabric display stand solution.

What is a fabric exhibition stand?

Our freestanding stretch fabric displays are also referred to as tube displays, tension fabric displays or portable fabric exhibition stands. They are all manufactured from aluminium frames with flat feet and combined with display polyester fabric graphics, with a significant stretch to allow the graphic to be stretched over the framework.

Why are GH Display fabric exhibition stands the best in the UK?

Our frames are different from the other fabric exhibition stands in the UK. We are the only UK supplier that offer three height sizes as standard. These are 2260mm high, 2447mm high and 2951mm high. We are also a leading manufacturer of customised fabric exhibition stands, should our standard sizes not suit your business needs. We also offer the widest range of accessories to further customise your fabric display stands, such as wheeled cases that convert to fabric counters, connecting feet (for combining individual fabric display frames for a larger more complex configuration), lighting, shelving, fabric exhibition display counter, TV hanging kits….the options are huge.

How do fabric graphics compare to more traditional graphic media?

Fabric graphics have a few advantages over traditional rollable vinyl and rigid foamex graphic panels. Fabric graphics are extremely easy to store and transport because they can be folded up and stored away, taking up very little space. Stretch fabric graphics are extremely durable unlike rollable vinyl graphics that once creased cannot be repaired. Any creases in your fabric graphics can ironed out or steamed out (using low temperatures). Our fabric graphics for our freestanding fabric exhibition stands can also be washed at low temperatures.

Are fabric exhibition stands easy to install?

Yes. we’d go as far as saying that our fabric exhibition stands may be the easiest portable display system to install. The 32mm aluminium tubular frame is connected by simply pushing the poles together and many of the poles are already bungee tied to each other, making it almost impossible to connect the frame in the wrong sequence. The fabric graphic is best installed whilst the frame is laid down on the floor. A little like a duvet cover, the stretch fabric graphic is zipped open, pulled over the frame and zipped closed along the bottom. The fabric graphic works using tension and is therefore designed to be stretched over the framework.

Can I purchase replacement stretch fabric graphics?

Yes, you can buy fabric graphics for all of our stretch fabric display stands in our replacement display graphic section. Fabric graphics can be printed either singled sided or double sided.