Office graphics & branding

Enhance your commercial space and reflect your brand with unique office branding.

Professional customised office branding

Our office branding services include wall decals, stickers, graphic lettering, banners and more. Let us transform your space, using only the highest quality media and our in-house printing services.

Frontline interior design

We have a proven track-record when it comes to office graphics, so we’re confident in our ability to transform your space. Our wall graphics are contemporary and totally customised to suit each brand, as we work with you to create a design you feel represents your business. We create fully customised wall graphics that can be applied both internally and externally, allowing you more choice when it comes to showing off your business.

Not only do we create contemporary office displays, but we can provide a showroom and reception custom display solutions.

Office wall graphics

Why businesses need office branding

There is a proven link between the workplace environment and productivity. Provide your team with an inspiring space and you’re bound to notice a boost in morale and efficiency. Office branding is an effective way of bringing your office space to life, whether that is through creative wall graphics, clever glass decals or custom displays. GH Display works with you to enhance your working environment, all while reflecting your business in a way that is unique to your brand. Whether you want to transform an office, reception, retail space or a showroom, we can do so in a professional and creative way.

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A film about wall graphics!

The team at Posh Gecko were so proud of their stylish new office graphics and wall decals that they did what they do best and produced a video of it’s creation.

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