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Exhibition display counters

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An exhibition display counter is the ultimate point of sale display whether it is for an event, to be positioned on an exhibition stand or to be placed in a permanent position in a retail, office or customer setting. We have a broad range of display counter options and have the perfect solution for your business. Our choice of exhibition counters are designed to be easy to transport and self build once at your event. The exhibition display counters are usually tool-less and supplied in a carry bag of wheeled case. Our range of display counters have different features to choose from including shelves, LED backlit illumination, pop up and inflatable installations. Buy online using the graphic templates or call our team on 01733 570222 to talk through the best custom printed display counter for your business needs.

What type of exhibition display counters are there?

There are four main types of exhibition display counters, all are designed to be portable and relatively easy to build, making them perfect for events and exhibitions. The four main types of display counter systems are; pop up display counters, stretch fabric display counters, flat-packed display counters and lightbox display counters.

What is a pop up display counter?

The traditional pop up display stands expand out into a large and lightweight aluminium frame, locked into place and covered in a graphic. The pop up display counter works in exactly the same way. The expanding frame locks into position and is dressed with either a fabric graphic that is secured with velcro or a rollable vinyl graphic that is secured with special hangers and magnetic tape. Both have a hard counter top and collapse down into a handy case or bag. This style of display counter often has shelves.

What is a stretch fabric display counter?

This display counter design is usually made with aluminium poles and an mdf base and top. The poles are fitted into the base and sandwiched there with the counter top. A stretch polyester fabric graphic covers the whole unit and is secured in placed by fitting the graphic into the counter top and base.

What is a flat-pack display counter?

As the name suggests this display counter system is made up of flat boards that fold out to create a counter. The graphics are either boards or rollable vinyl prints that sit onto the faces of the display counter. Simple in design, but highly effective as a practical counter for transporting and installing at events. An integral shelf adds additional storage space.

What is a lightbox display counter?

There are two types of portable lightbox display counters, one made with an aluminium frame and the other is an inflatable system, supplied with an electric pump. Both lightbox display counters have fabric graphics and LEDs that are installed within the display counter, for an illuminating lightbox display effect