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Showroom Displays – Design Essentials

18th August 2016

It is important to keep your business and brand current, dynamic and on trend when it comes to any of your marketing efforts, to place your business exactly where you want it. When it comes to showroom displays and receptions, this is your first – and potentially last – opportunity to make a positive impression, so make it count.

What Does Your Showroom Display Say About You?

A big part of what attracts people to a particular brand is based on the associations that they have with the business behind it. If you are looking to attract customers to your business based on your skills and industry expertise, then you need to let your marketing display demonstrate this with ease.

Your display should take visitors on a journey, focus their attention and look aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

The Journey

Much like a retailer dresses its windows to entice shoppers into the store, you need your showroom display to be just as attractive and inviting.

Make it accessible and spacious to encourage all potential visitors to come in and look around. Make it aspirational; make your visitors want to be associated with your brand and business. Finally, give your customer the kind of excellent service that completes the deal, and concludes their journey.

You can present your business in the best way possible, but without the service and knowledge to back it up, your efforts will be in vain.

Demand Attention

While it is essential that your showroom is in line with your business branding, it is crucial that it is designed to attract attention. Keep your structure, design, and layout simple and easy to navigate – overcomplicating things will deter people from approaching.

Give your visitors a show, and make it memorable. It might seem gimmicky to provide tea, coffee, cake or sweets but it is a great way of attracting people to your display. Once you have them enticed, you can then move on to the serious business of opening and closing a deal.

Stand Out From the Crowd

All marketing efforts are designed with sales in mind, which means you need to stand out from the crowd, especially in a crowded marketplace or industry show. Ensure your showroom display is designed to fulfil the above points, and ensure your sales team make their approach and pitch memorable.

For more advice and resources on how to make the most of your next exhibition or for more information on creating a bespoke solution for your business, please contact our team today on 01733 570222 or complete our online design brief form here.

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