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Social Distancing Ideas for the Hospitality Sector

9th May 2020

With the Government making plans to gradually exit lock down and get the nation up and running again, restaurants, hotels, pubs, coffee shops and cafes are making plans. Businesses in the hospitality sector are looking at ways to adapt their socially close environments, in order to reopen them in our ‘new normal’ post lock down world. According to the hospitality sectors publication Big Hospitality many of the big chains are making plans for protective screens positioned on and between tables, face mask, gloves, sanitiser stands and one use menus.

Hospitality, by its very nature, is not designed to be operated in a socially distant way. Nevertheless, in the challenging months ahead, it is the businesses that can adapt to the needs of social distancing that are likely to be the ones to survive. GH Display have developed a wide range of social distancing solutions that will help hotels, restaurants, cafes, public houses and all the other businesses in the hospitality industry create a socially distant environment.  As well as offering stock products in standard sizes we are specialists in custom displays so can work with businesses to develop and manufacturer a solution that is bespoke to their unique premises, business layout and service offering. To discuss a custom social distancing solution call us on 01733 570222.

Protective Screens for Restaurants and Cafes

Six months ago none of us would have predicted a scenario where we were dining with plastic screens separating us from others. Yet you only need to look across to Italy and Spain where such a scenario in restaurants and other eateries is becoming commonplace.

In our Cambridgeshire based workshop we have designed and manufactured some stock sized hygiene screens as well as bespoke protective screens for hotel chains, independent restaurants and hospitality businesses that have very specific requirements. You can browse some of our standard protective screen options here or complete the enquiry form and we will contact you about custom solutions, larger quantity orders or screen installation services.

Floor Standing Sanitiser Stands and Sanitiser Stations

Sanitiser dispensers are fast becoming the most essential tool for businesses. Where we once would have supplied a wall mounted sanitiser dispenser in the bathrooms or kitchens we are now looking to place them front of house. It is essential for all types of businesses to provide opportunity for staff and customers to sanitise their hands. Corner shops may be able to get by with big push top bottles of sanitiser gel and rolls of blue paper towelling, but for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and cafes, a more refined  sanitiser dispensing solution may be desired.

We have developed a floor standing sanitiser stand that we feel works perfectly for the hospitality industry. It is freestanding yet lightweight so the position of it can be changed daily. It has a full print graphic panel that can be customised with your brand, company feel and ethos at no extra cost. It has the option of being used as a single sided or double sided dispenser. We are also offering other sanitiser stations with different features and price point options, enabling different types of hospitality businesses to opt for something that works with their premises, layout and service offering.

Social Distancing Signs, Floor Graphics and Directional Signage

Paramount to the success of your social distancing strategy is the need to communicate it effectively to staff, suppliers and customers. We print graphics and signage in-house. The right social distancing signage and graphics will depend on type of hospitality business, layout and size of premises. For example if you have a particularly large restaurant floor, a one way system may be the best way to ensure staff and customers are kept at a social distance. In this scenario floor vinyls can be effective as a constant reminder of which way the traffic flows. In addition to floor stickers a combination of wall mounted and floor standing graphics and signs, both indoors and outside of the building, will all help translate your message. Upon approaching your premises, pavement signs and queue management systems are a great way to ask customers to queue and wait to be greeted, whilst ensuring they leave a two metre gap. Once inside the building other graphics for signposting customers to sanitiser facilities, one way systems and two metre spacing will all play their part in effectively communicating key messaging.

Washable Face Masks

The debate continues about the real benefits of wearing face masks, but it may well become the norm in our day to day life once the easing of lock down begins. If face masks do become a preferred choice for some employers or a requirement by the government to enable hospitality businesses to reopen, than which type of face mask is an important decision. One thing that is clear is that the only staff who should be supplied with medical face masks is NHS and social care staff. We have chosen to stock machine washable (up to 60 degrees) and therefore reusable white fabric face masks for our customers and their teams.

Reusable face masks have a lower environmental footprint than throw away and one use face masks, they are softer against the skin and more comfortable and because they are washable and reusable, employers can simply issue them to staff for them to keep..

We can help you prepare for reopening your business in the new normal. Call us on 01733 570222 to talk through your specific requirements. We can manufacturer custom sizes and solutions that meet your unique premises, layout and service offer. To request a call back from us complete the enquiry form below with as much detail as possible about your particular social distancing needs.

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