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We manufacture and install COVID testing pods and COVID vaccination booths. Each pod is made from strong aluminium framework and rigid PVC foam infill panels. Both the framework and the wall panels can be wiped clean with a disinfectant. The most popular COVID testing pod size is 1.5 metres wide by 1.5 metres deep by 2 metres high, however we can make the pods to virtually any size required. We can install the COVID testing and vaccination pods in rows, with each pod positioned side by side or we can space them around your venue, with either layout allowing for a one way system. The testing and vaccination pods can have various features including; clear viewing windows, a slot allowing for items to be passed through into the pod, a privacy curtain or a partially enclosed wall to provide some privacy, but without the need to draw a curtain.  

Wheeled Sanitiser Station

Sanitising Stations

£275.00 (ex VAT)
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Simple Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stand

Sanitising Stations

£129.99 (ex VAT)
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Floor Standing Sanitiser Dispenser Non-touch

Sanitising Stations

£265.50 (ex VAT)
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U Shape Simple Perspex Screen

Protective Screens

£175.00 (ex VAT)
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Self Contained COVID Testing Unit

COVID Testing Pods and Vaccination Pods

£3,150.00 (ex VAT)
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Where can I hire or buy a COVID testing and vaccination pod?

The GH Display team build, transport and install COVID testing pods and COVID vaccination pods anywhere in the UK. Our team will work with you to plan the installation prior to transporting your testing and vaccination pods to your venue, thus ensuring a smooth set-up.

How long can I hire a COVID testing pod or vaccination pod for?

We can provide a hire term that meets your own organisations specific needs. As standard we offer a hire term of up to one month, up to three months or up to six months. The testing and vaccination pods can also be purchased outright, where our team will transport and install them for you.

What is a COVID testing pod?

Essentially the pods are a small room where patients can be tested for COVID-19 or vaccinated against COVID-19. The testing and vaccination pods are made using a durable aluminium structure and PVC foam infill wall panels. Both the materials can be wiped and clean with disinfectant, to help reduce the spread of infection. The wall panels can also have prints applied to them should you require messaging, logos or other artwork to be displayed on the pods. The pods can have various features such as a clear viewing window, a slot for passing items out of and into the pod, a privacy curtain and printed graphics.

What size is a COVID testing pod or COVID Vaccination pod?

We can make the pods to any size. The most popular sizes are 1.5 metre by 2 metres and 2 metres x 2 metres.

How does a COVID testing pod work?

Effectively the testing pods and vaccination pods provide a private and enclosed space within a large open plan venue. One of our most popular testing pods is made with two fully enclosed sides walls and one back wall that also has a clear acrylic window and slot for passing the COVID testing kit through into the pod. This allows the medical staff to stay on the outside of the pod where they can view the patient, help guide them through the COVID testing process and pass testing kit items into and out of the pod, using the slot beneath the window. Often the pods are positioned in rows, which then lends itself well to a one way system where patients can enter the venue hall from a door at one end and leave through another door at the other end. This allows hundreds of patience to be seen with minimal contact between the medical team and the patients and also ensures patient contact with other patients is reduced.