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NEC Birmingham, UK


A new customer to GH Display, the fun and hardworking team at One Good Thing Ltd (OGT) were excited to take their sustainable protein bars to the event circuit. All they needed was an equally sustainable, bright and fresh exhibition stand to showcase their delicious, ethical and wrapper free snacks. They have a long list of events to attend in 2024 and it was essential that their stand design was versatile enough that it could work well at every exhibition space they had booked. They had secured a space at the National Running Show and our 3D designers got to work creating them a vibrant display that would give them the immediate visual impact they desired.

The 3m x 3m stand had one open side and we designed and built one freestanding custom display that would beautifully display their products. We also designed and built a second freestanding display that would visually demonstrate the environmental benefits of buying their wrapper free snacks over traditional fitness bars. The brand colours were used throughout the stand structures and the LED features and custom made signage gave the display a high-end bespoke feel.

The hybrid stand was a combination of GH Display hire exhibition walling, flooring and lighting with some custom elements that the client owns. This way of creating an exhibition stand gives the OGT brand those all important customised elements to their display needs, whilst reusing and recycling hire stock from the large GH Display range. All manufacturing and printing at GH Display is done using power from our own solar panels. All the graphics on the walls were produced on 100% recycled material. The exhibition carpet was even cleared of debris after the show and recycled into polypropylene pellets.

A fun and brilliant example of a sustainable way to exhibit.

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