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Prometeon Tyre Group were looking for a new exhibition stand builder and came to us with a stand design brief that was centred around the launch of their improved Serie 02 tyre range. The leading tyre manufacturer was keen that the first ever engineered Pirelli–branded tyre took centre stage on their 5 metre by 7 metre exhibition stand space. The display stand had three open sides and TV screens were mounted at various locations throughout the wall spaces streaming content and helping to engage visitors throughout the two day event. The main product launch was displayed on a bespoke tyre stand made with etched acrylic and LED features. This tied into the rest of the stand space nicely, with more integrated LEDs, sharp edges, crisp white finishes and sophisticated graphics throughout.

The main back wall of the exhibition stand had practical storage and counter tops for providing ample places to hide and display literature and merchandise. iPad mounts were also fixed here, again providing a more interactive experience for visitors. Prometeon had a fantastic show at the Road Transport Expo, held in Warwickshire and the bespoke displays have been purchased so that they can be reused for future Prometeon events. We look forward to working with the Prometeon team again soon.

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