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After years of using their previous GH Display built custom exhibition stand, Bleep requested that we reconfigure and install it as a permanent showroom display in their London office. 

  • Custom exhibition stand
  • Exhibition stand refurbish & reconfigure
  • Showroom display
  • Installation


We have been providing exhibition stand building services to Bleep Plc for over a decade.They approached us in late 2013 about designing a new exhibition stand to use from 2014 onwards. They also requested that we adapt their existing GH Display built stand, with the view of installing it as a permanent showroom display within their London office. The guys at Bleep were looking for a complete installation service including audio visuals, lighting and their working electronic point of sale product range


The previously used exhibition stand was adapted, refurbished where necessary and then installed by the GH Display team into Bleep’s London showroom. The installation was completed within a day with minimal disruption to the Bleep staff and customers.


The new Bleep showroom looks fantastic and is a great example of how adaptable and reusable our custom designed exhibition stands are. An excellent return on investment for Bleep, with the stand providing many years of exhibition use before being refurbished, adapted and permanently installed for many more years to come.

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