Siemens exhibition stand
Siemens exhibition stand at Mach 2022


Custom exhibition stand

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7m x 5m

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Hybrid exhibition stand


London, England

Siemens exhibition stand design sketch

Siemens had secured a 7 metre x 5 metre exhibition stand space with three open sides. The plan was to demonstrate their electric charging stations on the stand, provide audio visual workstations and a semi enclosed meeting space for meeting with visitors. The three metre back wall was clad in a large printed graphic and hosted three large wall mounted TVs. Each TV had a bespoke workstation below providing a workspace and ideal place to showcase software to customers. The electric charging points were positioned at the front of the stand space to ensure they received maximum exposure. A semi enclosed meeting space was created in the other front corner with space for a low coffee table and four comfortable chairs. The overall stand looked elegantly simple and the Siemens charging points attracted lots of visitors to the space. The large format print with TVs worked really well to provide a instant impact.

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