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Modular fabric exhibition stands

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Our modular fabric exhibition display stands are made from durable aluminium tubes that push fit together without any screws or tools required. Once built a fabric graphic sock is pulled over the framework and zipped closed along the bottom. Clamps and feet can be used to attach one frame to another for a totally custom modular solution. Browse our various sizes and exhibition stand configurations here or call our team on +44 (0)1733 570222 to discuss your exact exhibition and display requirements.

What is a modular exhibition stand?

A modular exhibition stand is a display stand that is made up of many section, once combined make a complete exhibition stand. The benefits of a modular exhibition stand is that they are often easy to enlarge, reduce in size, reconfigure and dismantle into smaller sections for transportation.

How does the modular fabric exhibition stands work?

These exhibition display stands are made up of individual aluminium frames that are connected to one another to create larger, more complex displays. Each individual frame can stand alone and is supported with two flat rectangular feet. in order to connect one frame to another you replace one of the rectangular feet on each of the connecting frames and add a single twin foot. A clamp is then added further up the vertical profile so that each stand is evenly connected all the way up the frame. Fabric graphics are pulled over the individual frames and zipped closed along the bottom. Accessories and add on displays can be used to further customise your modular exhibition stand.

Can I buy replacement graphics for my modular fabric exhibition stand?

Yes, absolutely you can. This is by the far the most convenient and cost effective way to update your exhibition stand branding.

Do the modular fabric display stands require professional installation?

No, this is a tool-less system that can be built by a one person team. The length of time you have to build your exhibition stand will determine whether you require 1, 2 or 3 people to install your modular fabric exhibition stand. All our modular fabric display stands are supplied with carry bags and you can also upgrade to wheeled cases, making it easy to transport your display stand to and from the event.