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Our vast range of displays are ideal for exhibitions and events. Whatever your requirement we can produce a custom printed display that works for your brand and budget. In addition to creating displays for events we also produce displays to act as a permanent fixture in your showroom, reception, office or retail setting. Whether you require a freestanding display, wall mounted or ceiling hung display, we can recommend the ideal solution for your business. We have the largest and most versatile range of LED lightbox displays in the UK. Browse our products or call our team on 01733 570222 to discuss your requirements.

Icon Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

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Swinger 2 Pavement Sign

Outdoor Displays

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Waterbase Pyramid Sign

Outdoor Displays

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What options are available for Lightbox Displays?

Lightboxes are available as freestanding lightbox stands or as wall mounted lightboxes. Most lightbox structures are usually manufactured from aluminium frames, illuminated with LEDs and covered in a custom printed graphic. We produce lightboxes specifically designed to be portable, with tool-less construction and stretch fabric graphics. These portable lightboxes usually come with a case of carry bag for easy transportation to and from your event. Other lightboxes are designed to be built and installed in a retail setting, on a shop wall or in a showroom. We even have lightboxes that can be inflated, with lightbox graphics already installed so all you have to do is plug in an electric pump at your event and your good to go!

Which are the most popular outdoor displays?

Custom printed flags, banners and pavement signs are popular outdoor displays to ensure that your brand and business is visible whether you are marketing from a busy high street, outdoor exhibition or event. Custom printed tents, gazebos and outdoor inflatable displays are also great at creating a identifiable business space at an event, providing shelter and marketing your brand.

How does a fabric display work?

We have several different fabric display systems available. The most cost effective, transportable and easy to build is the tubular fabric displays, which are manufactured from aluminium poles that push fit together. The custom printed fabric graphic is then pulled over the built frame and zipped closed. More traditional fabric displays consist of aluminum extrusions with a groove or channel that allows for a silicon edged fabric graphic to be inserted for an almost frameless appearance. New to the fabric display market are inflatable displays for the easiest installation solution available.