Modular exhibition stands

Choose from a great range of bespoke modular exhibition stands, any size, shape or design. We offer an array of self build or portable modular displays, as well as more complex custom designed exhibition stands.

4x3 hired exhibition stand

What is a modular exhibition stand?

Simply put, a modular exhibition stand is a display stand that is made up of separate components, all of which fit together to make up a complete stand. GH Display has been creating modular exhibition stands for more than 45 years. We’re confident that we can supply a convenient solution to meet your design aspirations, branding requirements and budget.

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The different types of modular exhibition stands

We tend to think of modular exhibition systems as fitting into one of three groups; portable display stands, self build custom modular stands and fully installed modular stands that you can buy or hire. Modular exhibition stands can be adapted easily and added to, as and when your business requires a different design, size or layout. Aluminium is a popular material choice for modular exhibition stands and can be used with either fabric or foamex printed exhibition graphics. Timber is also popular as a modular exhibition stand material choice and the graphics can be produced on foamex panels, fabrics (wrapped or silicon edged) or vinyl graphics.

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Why is a modular exhibition stand a good display option?

We stock a large selection of portable modular exhibition stands, ideal for the exhibitor who needs an exhibition solution that is lightweight, quick and easy to install. Our entire range is compatible with further items so they can be extended in the future or reconfigured for other uses. A portable modular exhibition stand is excellent for using in shell scheme systems as well as trade show events where you only have floor space. Most of our modular exhibition systems can be installed by one or two people, with no need for tools or specialist knowledge.

As mentioned, our modular exhibition systems can be extended and reconfigured to suit your needs. This makes them perfect for growing businesses and exhibitors who may want to change the size, layout or design. Many of our portable exhibition stands are two or more kits linked together with clever adaptation kits or linking graphic panels. Not only are they compact and easy to install, but you can use display sections independently of each other.

Modular exhibition stands to hire

We have been designing and building exhibition display stands for more than 45 years and as a result of this long trading history and experience, we have a huge range of modular systems in stock for hire purposes. We can create any shape or size exhibition stand, making it truly custom to your business and event. We have modular exhibition parts manufactured from timber and aluminium. Your business may be looking for a simple back wall display with reception counter or you could by in the market for a complex and intricate bespoke exhibition stand. Whatever your exhibition and event requirements are, the GH Display team of designers, printers, stand builders and project managers will be able to provide the ultimate solution.


What is included in the price of a hired modular exhibition stand?

A hired modular exhibition stand includes the cost of transportation and installation, as well as the display stand itself. We also have a broad range of hired furniture, TVs, monitors, iPads, counters, literature and iPad stands.

For those companies who exhibit two or more times per year, we often recommend they consider purchasing a modular exhibition stand. Depending on how many events a year the stand is used, the initial upfront cost of buying the stand is often recovered after just one year of exhibiting through the savings made by not hiring an exhibition stand.

A modular exhibition stand system is so flexible and can easily be enlarged or reconfigured to suit different events, different stand spaces and sizes. When it’s time for a new look, all you have to do is replace the graphics, and you have a whole new display. Our modular exhibition stand systems are available with different types of exhibition graphics. This includes tension fabric graphics with or without LED light boxes and fitted using silicon beading, rigid foamex graphics and vinyl graphic panels, fitted using magnetic tape.

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Linked pop up exhibition display

Linked pop up stands

A self-build modular exhibition stand solution, where you link one pop up frame to another using graphic panels.

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Modular fabric displays

Link individual frames together using adjoining feet and clamps. Add features such as monitor brackets, shelving units and clothes rails to further customers your display stand.

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Centro exhibition stands

These twist and lock systems are available in different height options and are the ideal self build modular exhibition stand solution.

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Custom exhibition stands

A bespoke exhibition stand with 100% custom elements built for your business.

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Hired exhibition stands

A unique exhibition stand made from existing hire stock and custom graphics.

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Hybrid exhibition stands

Crafted custom elements enhance existing hired stand components.

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