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GH Display fabricate and supply custom sized lightboxes as well as stocking the largest range of off the shelf lightbox displays. Our wall mounted lightboxes are available for both internal and external use. They can be made to any size and the profile depth can vary from ultra slim wall mounted frames to deep and substantial lightbox profiles. We have floor standing lightboxes popular for retail and events as well as free standing lightboxes that have been designed to be tool-less and modular, making them extremely portable. An LED lightbox is the perfect way to brighten up a space, market your brand and product and illuminate your display. We can create bespoke lightboxes in different shapes and sizes to suit your exact project requirements. Browse our range online or call our friendly team on 01733 570222 to discuss your needs.

Outdoor Lightbox Display (96mm deep)

Outdoor Lightboxes

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What is a Lightbox Display?

Most commonly made with aluminium frames and LEDs, a lightbox display is designed to illuminate a printed graphic. The lightbox display could be wall mounted with a graphic on the front side or floor standing with a printed graphic on one or both sides of the frame. Lightbox displays are popular for making your marketing and branding stand out from either a display, retail setting, window display, exhibition or showroom. It is usually quick and easy to change the lightbox graphic, and relatively cost effective. Most lightboxes use fabric graphics which are durable and create a clean and flush graphic display. Lightboxes can be used as a permanent display, but there are also many lightboxes that lend themselves well to be used as a temporary display at either en event or as a temporary point of sale display during a promotion.

What is a Backlit Lightbox?

A backlit lightbox display is usually made with an aluminium frame, either anodised or powder coated. The LEDs are positioned behind the graphic, usually evenly spread across the lightbox face area. The LEDs are often attached to a rigid back board, which is usually made with aluminium composite. Backlit lightbox displays can be wall mounted or floor standing.

We also offer portable freestanding lightboxes, that use a backlit technology, but work in a slightly different way to the more traditional backlit method above. These portable lightboxes use a hung LED curtains that hook onto the horizontal top beam and horizontal bottom beam of a modular portable frame. The LED curtains hang inside the portable lightbox structure illuminating out the front sides and often back of the lightbox display stand.

What is an Edgelit Lightbox?

With this style of lightbox display, the LEDs are positioned along the inside edge of the lightbox frame. They are usually attached in strips of LED lighting modules that run around the perimeter of the lightbox. This is usually a more cost effective LED lightbox solution, but there are some size limitations that would mean after a certain size, we would recommend that you opt for a backlit lightbox rather than an edgelit lightbox. This is simply because with edgelit lightboxes, the light has to travel from the edge of the frame to illuminate the whole lightbox. If the light doesn't travel far enough for larger frames, you can get shadowing in the central section of the lightbox and uneven illumination across your graphic. Our team will be happy to discuss whether your display is best suited to an edgelit lightbox or a backlit lightbox.

What is a Portable LED Lightbox?

A portable LED lightbox is perfect for use on the move. Whether you are heading to an exhibition, conference or event, they are an eye catching way to promote your brand or business. It comes with a carry case, making it easy to transport and simple to set up when you get there. The illumination will ensure that you stand out from the competition and the modular design of the display mean you can dismantle it into small sections and transport it is a smaller case or carry bag.