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Monster Vape Labs had booked three neighbouring stand spaces at Vaper Expo and were keen to make a big impression at the event. Each of their stand spaces measured 6 metres x 8 metres and each one was separated from the other by the NEC hall aisleway. The client brief was to create a totally unique exhibition stand design that would make sense of the three separate spaces, whilst ensuring that they were all part of the same business. The brief was also to ensure the custom stand had the feel of a circus theme running through it and fundamentally, the exhibition stand design and build would need to be completed in only three weeks if Monster Vape Labs were to be at the Vaper Expo!

The basis for the exhibition stand design was a circus tent that would span all three stand spaces, whilst leaving walkways through the aisle routes open and accessible. The beauty of designing the exhibition stand this way meant that the event visitors would pass through the Monster Vape Labs stand via the aisles, to gain access to other areas of the venue and thus hugely increase the stand footfall. We took a quirky approach to the circus theme making the walls and suspended circus roof the iconic circus stripe design, but instead of red and white, we went with a more subtle soft grey and white throughout. Inside the circus tent were various zones with ‘freak-show’ type themes throughout. A custom made glazed circular vape bar was designed and built, with it’s illuminated counters backlighting the product range on offer. A DJ area and drinks bar alongside several cosy seating areas were positioned throughout the spaces, encouraging visitors to take a pew, relax  and test the product range.

The exhibition stand was a huge success and a fantastic friendly vibe was created around it at the Vaper Expo. The client was delighted and the exhibition stand was the winner of the best stand at show award. Whoop whoop!

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