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Digital Talks 2019 is a huge industry leading event, hosted by Siemens. GH Display were thrilled to be the preferred exhibition stand contractor.

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Digital Talks is a bi-annual industry leading event, improving and and innovating the industry. Siemens asked us to design and create 84 individual custom display booths for demonstrating future digital technologies as well as other eye catching bespoke display stands for signposting and showcasing around the ACC Liverpool hall.

The total hall area that was to be occupied by the individual displays was 3400m², with 680m² to be covered in raised exhibition flooring.


Each of the 84 custom display booths were designed to display one or two 42" screens. They were all freestanding and wrapped in a textured white laminated vinyl for a crisp, ultra modern and clean finish. Central to the event was the Mindsphere with programmable LEDs, creating an impressive business information zone. Theatre areas were created in several spaces throughout the hall with custom printed cubed seats.

The entire event had to be built in one day only and as such thorough installation planning was key to the success of the stand build. The GH Display stand builders and project management team worked closely with the venue staff to ensure a perfectly executed Digital Talks 2019. 

Siemens Digital Talks


Digital Talks 2019 was a triumph of an event. The footfall was the best yet and all the custom displays and exhibition stands looked great and delivered for Siemens and their visitors. The install and breakdown was complicated, but the thorough planning professional strategic approach ensured everything went to plan. GH Display have been commissioned for further Siemens events and invited to be a preferred exhibition stand contractor for the ACC, Liverpool. A great result all round. 

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See the scale of the event and the sheer number of displays installed by our hard working team on the short video below.

Siemens Digital Talks 2019

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