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A Lightbox to Illuminate Your Display

6th December 2022
Charlotte Tilbury Lightboxes

Our retail and display lightboxes will illuminate your brand!

And they have done just that as part of the new Charlotte Tillbury store in Westfield London. GH Display can offer your business a broad range of lightbox options catering for all budgets, spaces and installation requirements. From large format print displays to smaller and discrete, but equally impressive lightboxes. Your LED lightbox displays can be floor standing, wall mounted or even positioned across your ceiling. We have a range of off-the-shelf lightbox options as well as completely custom designed displays.

The high resolution artwork and company branding is printed on high quality fabric graphics and these slot smoothly into the aluminium frame to create a seamless and flawless graphic display. Backlit with LEDs to create an even and vibrant custom display.

Freestanding lightbox

Our LED lighboxes are constructed using a aluminium frame and a custom printed fabric graphic. Depending on your specific requirements LED lights can either be distributed evenly across the back panel (that sits within the framework) or positioned around the inside edge of the frame. The fabric graphic is printed with your supplied artwork or GH Display can assist you with graphic design services if you need artwork creating for your display.

The artwork is printed on special stretch polyester display fabric using a dye sublimation printing technique, which prints deep into the fabric weave ensuring you get a high quality and long lasting finish. The display fabric graphics are so durable that they can be washed at low temperatures and folded  up (like a sheet) for storing when you want to change your branding. Any creases simply flatten out the next time you mount the graphic onto the tension fabric lightbox framework.

Vector lightbox

External Retail Lightbox Display

We made this large 4.5m high by 2m wide lightbox for food retailer Greggs. The powder coated frame was colour matched to the external window and door frame colours and the high quality LEDs provided a powerful backlit illumination to the printed duratrans graphic. Our team installed the large lightbox into what was originally the entrance door aperture, creating a sleek and flush lightbox display.

Not just for retail – use our lightboxes to light-up your exhibition stand

With such a versatile modular system our range of LED lightboxes can be used to compliment an exhibition stand or take centre stage by lighting up your display. We can use them to create an entirely illuminated back wall and the seamless fabric graphic will produce a high impact visual, as a back drop for your exhibition stand. We can mount them to sit on top of display towers so that your brand is not only seen across the exhibition hall, but is also displayed in bright lights. The modular framework can be joined to other lightbox framework or other tension fabric frames so that we can create any shape or size modular stand.

Eurocell PLC Custom Exhibition Stand for Grand Designs Live

Eurocell PLC had three lightboxes positioned up high with the Eurocell logo illuminating their exhibition stand at Grand Designs Live.

To read more about this custom exhibition stand and its various design features visit the Eurocell case study in our portfolio.

Netsupport needed a custom exhibition stand for their annual attendance at BETT Exhibition. They opted for two lightboxes on their exhibition display stand, both lightboxes created the support for the curved lintels and were positioned upon the custom designed demonstration desks.

To read more about the Netsupport custom exhibition stand and its various design features visit the Netsupport case study in our portfolio.

Netsupport Custom Exhibition Stand for BETT 2017
Exhibition stand with lightbox display
custom exhibition stand with lightbox display
Phantom Screens lightbox

Phantom Screens ensured their shell scheme exhibition display captured the attention of passing visitors at Grand Designs Live and the Ideal Home Show with their 3×3 modular exhibition stand complete with backwall lightbox.

After the Grand Designs Live Exhibition was over we received this fantastic feedback from the Marketing Manager at Phantom Screens.

Grand Designs Live worked very well for us, in large part due to the stand design. The large-scale graphics were very engaging and the light box worked well to encourage people to stop and interact with us. We had a relatively small shell-scheme stand, but the design made the entire space work hard and enabled us to present ourselves on a high quality ‘bespoke space-only’ level. The design’s flexibility means we can adapt the graphic elements and take the stand on to at least two further shows this summer – giving us greater value for money. The team at GH Displays was highly committed and professional and helped us achieve a great outcome in a relatively short space of time. They were great to work with and I’d recommend them highly.”

A lightbox to turn the grey spaces into Technicolor!

Our lightboxes can be used in almost any space or environment. From University walls, to cathedrals, from reception areas to showrooms. We can manufacturer them to whatever your requirements, as both free standing structures or wall and ceiling mounted lightbox displays. The lightweight modular aluminium structures can be enlarged and reconfigured as and when your display requirements change.

You can browse our online lightbox range or complete the quotation request form below to enquire about something more custom designed. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1733 570222 to talk through your requirements and let us do the legwork for you.

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