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Mastering eco-friendly exhibition booth design

30th September 2023

The creative team at GH Display can design you a totally unique exhibition stand whilst helping your business to achieve its environmental goals.

Sustainable & environmentally sensitive exhibition booths, built using 100% renewable energy

Everyday the GH Display team are asked by our clients to create an exhibition stand design and build that is as unique as it is environmentally kind. Luckily for us, we have always taken a sustainable approach to running our business, which has put us in the prime position to design, create and install eco-friendly exhibition display booths for some of the most influential brands. Don’t take our word for it. The proof is in our portfolio!

FACT…All GH Display manufactured exhibition stands and displays are created using 100% renewable energy, generated by our own solar panels.

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Blazy Susan at Product Earth

Blazy Susan were the platinum sponsor at the Product Earth exhibition and as such needed a booth design for their 12 x 8.5m floor space that would draw a crowd and ensure they met their environmental responsibilities. Functionality and fun were paramount in the brief for this display stand, so we included a walk in storage space as well as undercounter storage areas and a large circular branded bar. Large lightbox display walls created a vibrant backdrop with their fun pop-art style graphics illuminating the space. Sustainability was a driving factor in their exhibition booth design and production, so we created the vast majority of the stand using hired components with the addition of one or two bespoke displays to truly personalise it to the brand. All their graphics were made from either biodegradable media or 100% recycled media. Energy efficient LED illuminated iPad displays gave the stand an interactive feel. The bespoke displays have been built with reuse in mind and are stored at GH Display until the next event.

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Micro-Tech at BSG Live

The innovative team at Micro-Tech UK required an equally innovative exhibition stand, with versatile product displays and an eye catching design. Micro-Tech wanted visitors to the stand to have an opportunity to handle, explore and learn more about the extensive product range. Sustainability was also a key driver in their final choice of exhibition stand as it was essential that the environmental impact of their exhibiting activities was as neutral as possible. The complete custom exhibition stand was built using hire components, which will be refurbished by our team for reuse and not sent to landfill. The graphics on the stand were a combination of 100% recycled media and biodegradable media. The Micro-Tech team had a busy show and a steady footfall of visitors throughout the four day event.

See more of the Micro-Tech exhibition booth



MED-EL’s stand spaces vary from 3m x 3m up 6.5m x 3m and it is therefore imperative that their exhibition stand components can be reconfigured for reuse. Also important for MED-EL was the need for their exhibiting activities to reflect their ethical and sustainable values. To this end, we designed their exhibition stand using  hired booth components (which have been built by us to a high quality and will continue to be used, refurbished and reused for years to come) and combined these with solvent free paint finishes and graphics made from recycled and recyclable media. All the lighting on their stand was low energy LED lighting and all production and printing for their exhibition stand was done using renewable energy generated by our own solar panels. The team at GH Display track our emissions and feed this back into MED-EL using a carbon tracking report, allowing MED-EL to monitor the level of carbon output.

See more of the MED-EL exhibition booth


5 ways we make our exhibition stands eco-friendly

    • Our exhibition stands are manufactured using renewable energy from our own solar panels.
    • Graphic media made from recycled plastic bottles as well as PVC freebiodegradable and recyclable media choices.
    • Components are built to a high standard allowing for lots of reuse – the truest form of recycling.
    • Components are designed with reconfiguration and refurbishment at the core of their design.
    • Water-based powder coating paints provide optimum finish alongside low environmental impact.