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How to Choose the Right Exhibition Stand

7th December 2022

How To Choose The Right Exhibition Stand: 3 Top Tips

Ensuring your business has the right exhibition stand to attract clientele is incredibly important, and there are plenty of displays to choose from. Not only does the stand need to be appealing to clients, but it also needs to be the right decision for your business. You need to consider budget, portability, reuse, storage and above all, what type of exhibition display will best showcase your work. To help you make an informed choice, we have outlined our top tips on how to choose the right exhibition stand.

There are four types of exhibition stands available, including

1)     A custom exhibition stand to buy

2)     Custom exhibition stands for hire

3)     Self-build exhibition stands

4)     Pop up exhibition stands

The perks differ depending on your business model and how often you do events, but with our handy guide, we’ll advise you on how to pick the perfect model for you.

1.   Consider what works for your budget

As a business, it’s vital to first consider what works best for your budget. For example, if you’re putting on exhibitions every other month, a hire stand isn’t going to be ideal for you.

Custom exhibition stand

Best for: Businesses who attend exhibitions regularly.

Buying an exhibition stand is likely to eat up a significant amount of your marketing budget, so it’s vital that your stand is durable and adaptable to ensure a good return on your investment.

Custom hire stand

Best for: Companies who rarely attend exhibitions.

You can simply hire when necessary with no need to pay out a large amount upfront. It’s also ideal for businesses who are new to exhibitions and therefore want to use a hire system before investing in a stand for more longer-term use.

Self-build stand

Best for: If you’re only planning on using it once and you’re not looking for an investment. Instead of having it designed for you, you’re able to upload your own artwork and have it printed beforehand, which may work for you depending on budget and event.

Pop up exhibition stands and pop up displays

Best for: Those on a tighter budget.

Pop-up stands are definitely the most affordable option, but they’re usually better for small spaces and are often used in shell schemes as an alternative to purchasing shell scheme graphics. They can be accessorised with counters, plinths, literature stands and tablet holders to give the impression of a larger and more substantial exhibition display. For exhibitors who are on a small budget, need an exhibition display they can transport by themselves in a medium-sized vehicle and set-up on their own, then a pop-up exhibition stand offers a great solution.

2.   Can you manage the set up yourself?

Depending on what type of exhibition stand you choose, how it is set up can be an essential part of your decision. If you’re interested in a custom exhibition stand to buy, this will be transported and installed by a professional team of exhibition stand builders.

The stands can also be built to give businesses the opportunity to install the display themselves. There are options to store your stand with us or you can keep it in a dedicated storage place on your premises if you have one available. A good example of the exhibition stand to buy can be found in the Rapidrop case study.

The custom exhibition stand for hire is only suitable for professional installation, and often works for people who display a number of different things at different exhibitions. The custom hire stand is for some exhibitors, the best of both worlds. It usually comprises of versatile basic hire components such as; exhibition walling, aluminium gantry frame, exhibition raised flooring, lighting and display podiums. This is then combined with custom elements, including graphics and bespoke product displays.

For the self-build exhibition stand, the idea is to have it set up and transported by your own team. These stand designs are fairly adaptable and can be moved to different locations quite easily. If you have multiple smaller exhibitions in one day, this might be the perfect one for you.

Pop up exhibition stands may be one of the easiest to use, particularly when it comes to transportation to the event itself. The installation process is simple and they can be collected by your team rather than having someone bring it to you.

3.   Do you require longevity?

If you’re putting on exhibitions often, the two best options for you may be the custom exhibition stand to buy and the self-build exhibition stand. They’re ideal for differing reasons but mainly because they’re easy to maintain long-term.

Sometimes, people will continue to use their exhibition stands even if there isn’t an active event on, perhaps in the entrance way to their office premises or as a form of advertising in their local area.

Usually, If your bespoke exhibition stand has been designed and built to a high enough standard then there is also the option of using it for a showroom, reception or other permanent display, once you have finished using it for the exhibition circuit. A good example of where we have done this with one of our clients is with the previous Bleep Plc custom exhibition stand. This is now permanently installed as a custom display in the Bleep showroom.

The self build exhibition stand is an easily transferable display piece depending on size, but it can definitely work long-term. If you wish, you can enlarge them at a later date, but for the most part they’ll work for quite some time making them perfect for your budget.

Meanwhile, the pop-up stands may last a long time, but they may not be quite what you’re after for an exhibition. As they’re ideal for a smaller space, it’s not likely to be something you can continue to use for a long time unless you’re booking small areas. The hire stands are perfect for single time use, but they won’t be something that you use for a long time as they can only be put together professionally, and you’ll need to return them.

Depending on the overall display that you’re looking for, there are many different styles that could work for you. Our tips should provide you with some expert advice, but if you’d like any other information or to speak to us about your next exhibition please call us on 01733 570222 or complete our enquiry form below and we will be in touch with you.

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