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Improving Your Office Branding

13th October 2016

Office branding is a relatively new term and it refers to the branding POS, literature and accessories within your office or sales space that enforce your brand identity.

Sadly, many businesses still ignore the importance of office branding. It is the best way to promote your company, showcase what it stands for, and inspire your workforce. When you are able to create a brand for your company, you will not only attract more customers and drive more sales, but you will also be able to hire and retain skilled workers, too.

The real question is how one can improve their office branding; even if you have an office that is stylishly decorated, you could still benefit from our branding tips. Keep reading to find out how.

Office Branding Creates Lasting Impressions

‘The first impression is the last impression’. Everyone has heard of this quote, but few truly understand its meaning. The main purpose of branding your office space is to build an impression into the hearts and minds of your clients and customers. Remember that clients will be visiting your office and that is an excellent way to promote your image and give them the ‘wow’ factor.

It is important to brand and decorate your office in a way that it corresponds with your company’s mission. This will also help you to stand out against your competitors. This is so much more than putting up your company name or logo on the wall; your image should be reflected in everything you use, too: furniture, stationery, cups, chairs, etc.

Don’t Ignore Your Workforce

The workforce is the beating heart of any business; without it, no business will thrive and that much is obvious. When a person considers a new job, they look at the working environment more than anything else. The working environment of an office should be well-designed, spacious, and motivating. For example, build slides, indoor farms, or play areas to engage your employees.

When an office is being branded, efforts should be applied towards decorating it in such a way that it truly inspires, encourages, and motivates the staff. When the staff is happy, they will be more productive which will be beneficial for the business at the end of the day.

Moreover, giving your business a brand identity will instil a sense of loyalty from your staff and they will feel proud to be a part of something so well defined.

Incorporate Innovative Workplace Techniques

Your office should not just contain artistic images or inspirational sayings; rather, you need to make an effort to implement different workplace strategies and techniques as well. For example, you can buy furniture which correlates with your brand image, so utilise this.

Creative departments need to be comfortable and inspiring, whereas sales offices should be motivational and driving. You can create a shared working space to enable effective communication and teamwork between your employees and different departments.

Furthermore, you can also build creative and collaborative workspaces and introduce working patterns which are flexible and convenient. Office branding is all about innovation and experimenting!

Knowing your brand is the first step towards attracting customers to your business, so it is important to get it right. By utilising these office branding tips, you will be able to design a workspace that not only works for your business and staff, but it sells the idea of your company in the right way, too.

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