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The Seasonal Exhibition Circuit

25th October 2016

Here at GH Display, we understand the need to tailor your marketing campaigns to suit clients, customers, projects and even time of year. Seasonality is a big part of marketing as a whole, and the exhibition circuit is, for many, a vital part of this.

Not only do exhibitions and trade shows allow you to showcase your work and services, but you can also network and make new contacts and generate opportunities for future ventures, too. In order to do this effectively throughout different times of the year, you need to amend your marketing literature accordingly, including any exhibition equipment.  Our custom exhibition stands let you do this with ease.

common mistake with exhibitions is not being prepared, but with our expert advice and tips to hand, your business could well be leading the pack.

The Seasons Are a Changing

Seasonal campaigns are huge. Of course, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are very big holidays when it comes to the retail and manufacturing industries, but other seasonal occurrences – such as Halloween, Easter, wedding season, religious holidays and much more besides – are also peak times for many businesses across the UK and, indeed, the world.

Appealing to these businesses is your goal, and to achieve it, you can tailor your own marketing efforts towards their niches and interests. Seasonal campaigns like this are a great way to extend your existing customer base and to grow your business.

Make Your Mark with Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Whether your products and services are always seasonal or you are simply trialling a new direction, it is a fact that seasonal marketing done well is incredibly successful. Notable names in this area include Coca Cola and John Lewis for Christmas and Guinness hats for St. Patrick’s Day.

With the right marketing expertise, a strategy to execute and the right exhibition equipment, your business could soon be making a mark on your respective industry like never before.

This time of year is certainly busy for many of our customers, but with the right preparation, your next event could be a game changer. Can you afford to take that risk? Stop procrastinating and take full advantage of the seasonal shoppers – and this includes B2B customers, too – while you can.

If you are looking for a bespoke exhibition stand that stands outs, then get in touch. Our designers are ready and waiting to show you what you’ve been missing out on.

For more information, please give us a call on 01733 570222.

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