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Retail Light Boxes to Inspire

23rd August 2017
Retail lightbox

It’s all about the illumination!

Looking for a unique custom display? GH Display are industry experts at crafting beautiful aluminium framed LED light boxes with custom printed tension fabric graphics. With a huge range of standard sizes and an endless range of custom light boxes, we can create something perfect for your unique project. We can provide your LED light box with our full installation service at a time that suits your business. Alternatively we can supply your light box semi constructed with easy fitting instructions for you to install.

Recently, we were over the moon to have been chosen to create a number of beautiful retail light boxes for the flagship Charlotte Tilbury store in Westfield, London. The images of the finished retail light boxes demonstrate our skill in creating these illuminating and beautiful custom printed displays.

Charlotte Tilbury Retail Lightboxes

GH Display build different grades of retail LED light boxes to meet a broad range of settings and budgets. All are constructed from aluminium and combined with a custom printed fabric graphic print made from display stretch polyester.

Each custom printed fabric graphic is printed using a dye sublimation technique which guarantees your artwork is given a high quality and long lasting finish. The fabric graphic is then expertly finished with a silicon edge beading also known as kedar edging. The graphic is simple to install and changed when you need to update your display. Simply lay the fabric graphic over the aluminium frame and push the silicon edge into the special channel around the outer edge. The polyester content of the fabric ensures that any creases are pulled flat for a flawless and flush display.

Retail light boxes can come as wall mounted or floor standing displays and we make them with various depth frames. They can be edge lit or back lit with LEDs, depending on the size and client requirements.

Browse our standard range in our light box section or read more about our bespoke light boxes in our retail and point of sale displays area.

Whether you are trying to bring some inspiration to your reception, showroom or retail setting come to an industry expert to get the right solution for your brand and budget. Call today on 01733 570222 or complete our Enquiry Form below and we will contact you. Browse our standard sized LED Light Boxes below.

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