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Bang on Brand

17th March 2016

When starting an office based business, many people don’t feel the need to brand their environment as they would with a website or retail space, but in a world that relies heavily on image and design this could be a fatal blow in an already difficult ring.

Effective office branding is something that all businesses should make the effort to convey, whether or not clients and customers come into this environment.

Having a well-branded office environment is beneficial to both employees and clients. Businesses that have a strong brand identity portrayed in their workspace will have staff that are engaged and emotionally connected to the company, and, as a result, will take more pride in their work. Similarly, customers that are invited into your office will immediately get a sense of who your company is before a word has even been spoken.

Office branding is a communication tool that is often underused and vastly underrated, but the results speak for themselves. Before the introduction of the iPod, Apple were the underdogs in the world of technology. With some clever rebranding and marketing communications, they transformed themselves into a household name across the world. They don’t even need to market their new mobile releases; the name alone ensures it is a sell-out.

If this is something that your business aspires to, then please read on to see how GH Display can help you reach dizzying new heights.

Visual aesthetics not only look good, but they will ensure your business name is fixed firmly in their minds. Engage your potential clients at every opportunity in their journey around your office and encourage the emotional connection. It’s the little details that will make you memorable.

Ensure your office culture creates a lasting impression on clients by making use of our Office Branding service. You can opt for a full re-brand, or work on some tweaks to transform and improve the clarity of your existing brand message.

Our team of designers are hugely experienced and work with you to create a visual that is relevant and bang on brand. We work with a vast range of materials; such as banners, lettering, props and much more.

For more information on how we can turn your business branding around, please submit a design brief and we’ll get back to you to discuss your project.

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