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Jan 01 2020
exhibition stand design

Whether you go to one event a year or attend several, an exhibition is an expensive commitment to make which is why you'll want to make each trade show you visit worth it. Create an impact with bespoke designs, custom-built stands and branded graphics. Here are some great exhibition stands design ideas to help you stand out at your next event.

Be bold with branding

Trade shows are the place to show off so there's no need to attend if you're not going to be bold with your branding. Most exhibition areas are dense with competitors so there's even more need to stand out. Use bright, rich colours or outline your company name, logo or commercial messaging. Present this on roller banners, fabric stand or custom displays.

You'll want to have a stand that truly stands out from the crowd. To ensure this happens, you'll need to have bespoke designs that reflect your company's ethos and commercial purpose. Stay unique and tailor each element of your stand to your needs and branding.

Aurelia Gloves exhibition stand used a set colour scheme across their shelving units, counter and fringe stand. These complemented their branding and set an overall collective tone with an eye-catching design. 

Be clever with lighting

Whether you want to use lighting to add depth to your stand or to create a sense of theatrical performance; there are many options. The right lighting rig can direct focus to hone in on certain elements on your exhibition display. Lightbox displays are a fantastic way to illuminate your branding and catch the eye of the people who walk on by. From highlighting wall art to adding vibrant visuals with clever backlighting or light boxes; these systems can be used in all lighting conditions - it doesn't need to be dark for them to be effective.          

We worked with Gentlemen Tonic to create them a sophisticated exhibition stand for their Professional Beauty 2019 exhibit. We used clever stands, shelving and brand details to construct a bespoke design that suited their needs. Its show-stopping piece was the jaw-dropping fabric graphic that used a lightbox to highlight its details. We also used LED-backlit displays to highlight their latest products.

Add a 3D exhibition booth

Another great modern exhibition stand idea is to use of interactive elements. One of the most stands out displays you can choose is a 3D exhibition booth. From creating your own meetings areas to building stands to show off products, there's a lot you can do with the set space. Use partitions to extend the area you're working with and create walkways for your customers to explore your stand. Making a space that's different or interesting to look at will draw potential customers in.

Technology exhibitions stands

Impress by adding tech elements into your exhibition stand. You could use screens to display new products, showcase your latest advert or posters. You may want to include animated commercial messaging which can be displayed on the big screen. This way, you can wow onlookers with your creativity. If your aim of the trade show is to get visitors to sign up for marketing communication or to get comms for potential leads, using tablets instead of paper is a professional and efficient way to collect personal data.

Netsupport created waves at BETT 2019 with their vast vibrant displays that include technology elements. With interactive displays using screens and tablets, it's an effective way to draw attention.

Simple exhibition stand design ideas

If you want to stand out at an exhibition, but don't have the budget for the most extravagant exhibition space design ideas, there are still things you can do. It all relies on your branding. Roller banners are a great way to get the attention of potential customers, especially if you're visiting multiple events throughout the year and have little space to work with. Use bright, bold colours and backlit lighting to catch the eye of onlookers.

The best thing about banners is that most are lightweight and fold down which means that they can be stored away in a bag and can be transported from venue to venue.

Get in contact with us to work with our team to see what other exhibition stand design ideas we can come up with for your company.